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Enjoy simple learning and living through Video!

With over 88% of viewers responding, and listening intently to moving images, is it any doubt video formats sell faster to the public. We have helped thousands of people reach their potential through video formats.

Traditional video use images and video to bring a rich visual selling experience to the viewer.  Read More.

Cartoon videos are one of those humorous or playful inspired life-changing tools to motivate the viewer.  Read More.

Doodly video formats are the guru for those who relate to drawings from school or art projects.  Read More.

3-D video formats show a virtual human selling a product or business.  Read More.


Flyers, banners, and brochures use images to bring a rich visual selling experience to the viewer.  Read More.

Book and e-book covers use images to bring a rich visual selling experience to the viewer.  Read More.

Real Voices voiceover formats is the aural medium to convey information to the audience through speech.  Cupiderosgraphics can make audio recordings from any text, webpage or blog. Read More.


Audiobooks formats come from Real Voices (human-like) voiceovers in a variety of different languages, male and female, giving the reader a rich learning experience.     Read More.


Happy thoughts from our Video clients

Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried other video promotions out there. And, every time I have been glad for the totally different way of seeing things Cupideros brings to video creation. 


What can I say?  I wrote a short poem to capture my success.

Cupideros has a wonderful business,
in a wonderful way;
And he gives wonderful service,
for wonderful pay.

  I recommend it to all people looking to product their business or product.

While waiting for Cupideros' Abyssarianism Membership to kick off, I bought a product video promotion.  It worked!  And right now, I am now in the process of buying my second video to promote my new company.


Video Life, the course that actually works

There are many types of videos, (Traditional, Cartoon, Whiteboards, and 3-D). Cupiderosgraphics have some of the best converting, lead-generating videos on the web. 

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Video is the customer’s first choice: would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service, than read text.
The demand increasing of your consumers want to see more video content from your brand and business.
Video helps qualify your leads: Video marketers get more qualified leads per year.
Visitors stay longer and your engagement is sky-rocketed: The average user spends more time on a website with video!
Video makes people buy! Viewers are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video.

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